Photographer Arrives / Details

12:30 pm

Once we arrive we will get all the details together for a flat lay shot. This might include shoes, jewelry, your wedding invitation, flowers, and of course the rings! We will also get the groom's details as well,including shoes, cufflinks, tie, watch, etc.

Get Dressed

1 pm

It's time for everyone to start getting dressed. We allow extra time for a first look with your bridesmaids and/or a parent. Don't forget to leave all of your jewelry off until after you're in the dress. We will get shots of you putting everything on!

First Look

2 pm

It's time for the first look. Some couples choose to exchange cards or gifts with each other. Some choose to say private vows to one another. Some choose to just simply see each other. Whatever you plan, this moment is just for the two of you!

Bride & Groom Portraits

2:15 pm

It's time for the main pictures of just the two of you. We will choose places with the best lighting and best background to highlight the two of you. Most of all, we will make sure we capture images that you LOVE.

Bridal Party Pictures

2:45 pm

Next, we will invite your whole bridal party to get their pictures with the two of you. It's time to get excited with your best hype squad! It's almost time for the ceremony! We'll wrap up 30 minutes before the ceremony to make sure you have time to relax.


4 pm

It's time for all of your friends and family to come together to celebrate the two of you! We will be making sure we are photographing all of the amazing "firsts" as husband and wife. (The walk down the aisle after you're hitched is our favorite!)

Family Pictures

4:30 pm

It's time for your family portraits. It's always so much fun to see who "made" our couples the people they are today. If you need help coming up with your family shot list just let us know!

Reception Details

5 pm

It's time for you to go relax and enjoy the rest of cocktail hour while we get some amazing detail shots of the reception area. I have a soft spot for cake details, but who doesn't?


5:30 pm

It's time for the PAR-TAY! This is the perfect time for candid shots of your guests and the two of you. We will get pictures of your first dance, parent dances, toasts, cake cutting, and then the open dance floor!

Sunset Pictures

7 pm

Depending on the time of year, when these pictures happen will change, but from late spring to early fall our golden glow sunset pictures will happen during the reception.

Exit Pictures

8:30 pm

With 8 hours of coverage you don't need to sacrifice exit photos. We can simply pull out your bridal party and immediate family and have a faux exit. You get images you love, and then you get to go right back to the dance floor where you belong.